my 2003 matoran fixes

The most recent creation of mine, modified matoran build.

My goal here was to make the 2003 matoran less clumsy, wonky and… wide, but still keep them as simple as possible. Here are some pictures:

Before and after:


Action poses:

Breakdown: (it’s a simple creation, so why not)

That is about it!

I also need your opinion on the lighting in the fotos, is it better than in my previous posts?


Well done. It is a simple and easily implemented modification.

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I like how you narrowed the shoulders but the legs look too close together, even though it fits into the overall aesthetics.


In the middle of the night, you see a shadow. You blink, and he dissapears. He is… Slendermatoran.

Yeah, I agree, the legs are too close together, plus the grey makes them look disconnected. Perhaps move them out one stud, using another tan half plate?

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Yea, maybe while I was trying fo make him look less wide,I slightly overdone it in some areas :laughing:

I may try that out

No! Now they are no longer WIDE!