My actual self as a human like bionicle moc (still a Work in progress)

Hello everyone! I’m back and I have something to show you! Here’s my actual self, as a moc! It’s still a work in progress and I got a lot of inspiration from shadowgears self-selfmoc from moc pages. Critique and feedback are appreciated! The completed version will come soon!


The body is fine but I’m curious to see how you will add expression to the face.

######I see you got inspiration from Cossy’s series…#######

The legs are a little lanky, but using the SW armor would give more of a humanoid look. The torso is also looking a little technical, which doesn’t work for a human. Maybe try some Galidor chest parts, or CCBS, for a softer texture.

I like the concept, though. It has potential, so make the best out of it.

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