My art in general topic

Just all my art stuffs I’ve done, serious or not, Lego related or not. I’ll probably post some other stuff here as well. By the way most of this stuff was posted in the year of art challenge thing i started.
I plan on doing a pic of all the TTV cast at some point. and there’s a few other community things i want to make and post here and the year of art Challenge.

Ths was my first Drawing with gimp.

This was my second drawing with gimp spent way less time with this one then the first one.

I don’t know what this is.

Baby dragons enough said about this.

I decided i wanted to draw a black evil looking dragon.

I’ve heard a lot about how Exx should be either Dead Pool or Thor well here’s my opinion on that.Dead Exx

This is a real rough world map I’m was working on for a video game.


Those dragons are nice.

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Looking good, you have quite the skill.

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I like this. It looks good.

I think the air region-place-thing should be on a cluster of mountain islands, something really up high. :smile:

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It actually is now. still haven’t gotten around to Making the new map yet. I probably won’t make for a litte while and i won’t post it for even longer for reason.

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The first one is a @prpldragon if I’m not mistaken.

No actually it is not. It was a character in my D&D campaign.

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I didn’t know that actually :smile: Still, amazing.

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Well considering the fact that we are on what is considered in my area as a Lego fan club Facebook thing. it is not to hard to imagine that people would think it’s connected to Lego or one of the TTV Cast.

Now DeadExx is totally suppose to be @exxtrooper.

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Yeah, I got that :smile:

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Well here’s a Another drawing of a dragon. but this one has a Name. And i already posted a MOC of his Humanoid form on the Boards.
So behold my self MOC Darth’s final form!!!

Now you see why it’s taking me a real long time to make the MOC of this.
Also you have no idea how hard this is when your partially Color blind cause of a head injure a while back.


Nice dragons. I really like your attention to detail.

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Huh i didn’t even realize i was doing that.
Thanks @Triple

Here’s another picture of my self MOC Darth, but in humanoid form. I made this in gimp in about 30 minutes.
“I will take my time on one of these pictures one day, but today is not that day!”
I’m also thinking of starting a web comic series with this guy.

I saw this in a dream i had and thought it would make for a groovy drawing.

And this is a Hippie Charizard. Thanks Venom for the inspiration on this one.

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Here’s a concept picture of DragonBite, a character I made up for a story I plan on doing. By the way he is not called DragonBite because he is a dragon, or he can bite (well he does bite sometimes). He called that cause he is made out of a bunch of nanobots, called KeroBites.

Here’s another concept Picture of DragonBite.

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Someone’s going to have a bad time.

Here’s yet another concept Picture of DragonBite, who I’m making my self MOC (some day). The head on this guy got messed up somehow, but hey you can still see what i was going for.

I used a Character from league of legends as reference for the body, and Death Wing was used for the head.

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He used Garen with Dreadknight skin on
this it what it looks like


Any way here are a couple of Concept picture for a future self MOC and a super hero. Still not sure what color scheme I want him to have but I have Narrowed it down to these two. Which one do you guy’s think is better.

By the way his eyes are on his sword.