My artwork

Hey guys! Thought i might share some of my works with you.
Here's Toa Hahli ,my ,much more feminine version of her. I tried to keep the breathing tubes and most of her Mask details.

Also for Photography class ,i made these pictures


I love your take on Hahli. May mostly be because of how much I hated Hahli Inika as a set. (If anything it's because of her mask) You did great in making her appear more feminine while maintaining accuracy to the set. If I had to make any sort of complaint, it's that her left hand looks a bit awkward.

Your photos also have fantastic composition. I don't know too much about photography so there's really nothing more I can say about them other than they look great.



Thanks! I agree about the hand ,and i also dont like the feet. Ill fix it day ... smile

I like your style; it's very neat and clear, but also form fitting. You put just the right amount of detail into it, and this is the first time I've seen that mask actually look good.

Also, I'm able to immediately tell this is a female even though there's no distinguishing "feminine" features normally seen in humans. That's no small feat.

wow. those are good. I really like the drawing of Hahli. makes me think of what a movie version of her would look like.

Great job on your Hali drawing, she really DOES look feminine completely unlike her LEGO set counterpart. The way you did the mask too actually makes it look good (once again) unlike her LEGO set version.
I really like your photography, too. The lighting focuses perfectly on all of the right spots, and with no glare on the figures.
The smooth, dark, background, and the perfectly focused shots are so well done, not to mention the great angles you got on them.

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Amazing job! Halhi looks slender and graceful, but still very true to what she looked like as a set. And her mask doesn't look like it has a mustache plastered on it!