My attempt at Toa Helryx (Canon Contest #1 | The First)

This is my entry for the Toa Helryx competition. I struggled with the requirement to make her thin or frail, but she certainly has a smaller statue than standard Toa set builds, expecially the Ignika build.


The design has a high amount of poseability, and I am especially proud of the shape of the torso. She has better posture than I do!

Full album with breakdown:

My favourite parts of the figure are the overall posture and shapeliness of it, I feel I was able to shape the armour effectively into a small space.

Aspects I could improve on include her looking more feeble, and using fewer recoloured parts.

The only custom part is the Mask of Psychometry by KhingK.
Some of the armour is a colour that hasn’t officially been produced.

A link to Google Drive to download the studio file can be found in the replies to this topic.

KhingK’s Custom Parts:

Studio file Google Drive link:

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Overall I really like this moc but I can’t hope but feel that the yellow (while I do love unique Color combos) it feels reall out of place, I would recommend using something like silver instead of the yellow, but that doesn’t mean you have to get rid of it, I would recommend adding yellow highlights in the form of small greebles.

To be honest, this feels more like a Varian MOC (good one at that).


Really nice!! A very well-shaped and complete-looking moc :smiley:
I love the color scheme - the one set that immediately comes to mind when seeing blue and yellow is the Scuba/Sub Slizer, which obviously fits perfectly with the First Toa-thing :slight_smile:

Interesting use of the krana as knee pads, I wouldn’t have thought of that

Krana. As knees.
There’s illegal, and then there’s this. Very bold, I like it a lot.
Very good design, and a great moc!

If this doesn’t win I hope you recycle a lot of the design elements into a Toa Varian MoC. I love the “skirt” design! <3


Are you allowed to recycle entries like that?

Your use of the super battle droid arms as fingers is absolutely genius, nice work!

That second picture looks like she’s ready to receive.