My backstory for the G3 [Literature] [Worldbuilding]

In the time before time, on the planet of Sherus Magna, a race named Agori lived in harmony. But one day, their leaders, the Great Being, Decidet to create a robot for their plans to learn about the universe. The robot exploded. They tried again, and the robot was a success.
The being who was created to rule the Matoran Universe from the inside of the robot was named Mata Nui, the Grate Spirit. After he started his mission, he decited to create three being to rule three regions in his body. The first was Ekimu, who ruled the island of Okoto, the city of Metru Nui, and another small island. The second was Onima. She ruled the islands from the torso and arms. The youngest one was Makuta, who ruled the island from legs. Makuta was jealous, so he decidet to conquer the hole Matoran Universe. First, he captured Ekimu and Onima in to masks: The Mask of Creation and the Mask of Light. Second, he create the Mask of Life and captured his father in it. Then he launch it in space. Then, with his Mask of Control, controled the whole robot thousands of years…
I really like this story, so I will make a full story, with characters and more! I may use Ven’s Rahkshi, and if you want one of your creations in this story, link me it’s page!

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This is in the wrong category, it either belongs in Brickonicle tagged [Pitch] or, if you’re not trying to pitch the ideas to TTV, it goes in Literature.

Ok… So what category should I put?

Are you trying to pitch the ideas to TTV?

What do you mean?

There’s a Brickonicle category for TTVs G3 vision or G3… I think. Or literature for your own thing

Is this in relation to the Brickoncle discussion? Or is it just your own thing? If it’s in relation to the Brickonicle discussion it goes on the Brickonicle tab. If it’s just your own thing it goes in the literature tab.

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First, I wanted to be a Brickonicle thing, but after that, I wanted to make a full series! I want some characters too! That is why this topic exists!

Ok, so this sounds like your own fanfic, in which case it would go in the literature category. Also, if your planning on expanding this into your own story, you may want rename it so it doesn’t get confused with TTV’s ongoing G3 discussion.

Changed Category - BioSquire

As this is G3 related, I feel it would be best in the Brickonicle category

I think it wants to be its own thing

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Hah, you’re funny. I have no interesting characters.

No, I am serious. And I really don’t care because I can make any character interesting :sunglasses:

Ok, here you go:
A Toa team leader who is incompetent and completely self absorbed.
A sentient kikanalo.
A Borok separated from the swarm on a quest to find himself.
And the most challenging character to make interesting of all: Maku.

Seriously now, you can give me the links (including your self-moc) only if you want.

That’s what I meant when I said I have no interesting characters, I have no MOCs on the boards.


So, mol tahu?

I was going for a Toa version of Zap Branagin…

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It’s an interesting proposal tbh. I really like the whole “Mata Nui is controlled by three different dudes” idea since it could lead to interesting relationships between the different inhabitants of each section of the body. However, there’s a few weird bits here and there that are kind of out of place. For example, you mentioned a second giant robot, but didn’t talk about it later on. I would suggest cutting parts like that out.

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