My Best 2 Mocs So Far

These are two of my Favourite Mocs that I still have together.
You can find their pictures in their galleries since I am new and cannot post photos yet.

This is the first of the Two, Malathyne. He was my entry to the BFTGM contest.
Unlike the next Moc, this one is of my own character.

The second Moc, is my entry to the BZPower contest, BBC #69
Clearly, this is my interpretation of Matoro.


I really like that Matoro revamp…


“Huh. This Matoro revamp is kinda cool…wait…IT HAS A GEAR FUNCTION!!!”
-my thoughts looking at these

But yeah, these are utterly amazing. If I HAD to give criticism, it would be in regards to color scheme. I like the red on Malathyne. I like the trans-blue on Malathyne. I’m not a fan of the two together.
As far as the Matoro revamp goes, I feel like the trans-blue bones kinda break the color scheme.

Regardless, these are still utterly fantastic MOCs. Good freakin job. :thumbsup:


my god these look like they could be actual titan sets, that Matoro is amazing, Malathyne is cool too


“Best mocs so far” yeah… yould call these like that!

Matoro is preety nice, tho i would rather want to see red (not transparent red) studs on blaster (cant remember the name of it in g1). I would like yo see more of mahri revamps (since this one is preety much 9.2/10 since i have some gripes)! As for the BFTGM entry i could say: “its good 9.4/10”, but i will add: “black, gunmetal, translucent ice blue and trans red look well together, bit like good and evil fighting over control of the body”.

Over all, preety neato :smile_cat:

Any chance of seeing these “not as good” mocs :P?


Eventually, yeah!
once I build up trust here I’ll end up posting an album of sorts?
Like, a topic with a picture of each of my MOCs (both physical and LDD) that I think are worthy of sharing (there are some that are barely anything more than a tablescrap :stuck_out_tongue:) and each with a brief (or not so brief) description, and a link to their full albums on imgur or something.
Thanks, too!
I would have preferred solid red studs on Matoro too, but I don’t have any of those (and I have well over 50 or so trans-red ones)

Okie! Fir thise red studs i suggest buing on brick link or… buing crocodile/lion tribe backs (each one contains 4 of them, as far as i remember, so bying both will make you have 8) :smiley_cat:

I love the ribs that you did on Malathyne, as well as the use of the cocoon pieces. The light saber blade holding Matoros claw together looks like it might be warping the piece though. Great MOCs overall!

I really like the Matoro but it feels a little too bulky to be Matoro.

These are amazing!

Excellent work. Really dig the first MOC. Matoro just seems a tad awkward to me, though. Probably the unusual body type.

Matoro looks very well done.

I think Matoro looks kind of like a samurai, with the style of his armor and all that.

Matoro doesn’t look like he’s dying :frowning:


Malathyne has a very nice, sleek build with a great execution on colour scheme there.

And Matoro has a gear function :smiley: