My best work so far, looking back at how Iv'e grown as a builder.

I dunno, just wanted to look at how i’ve progressed since last year and this year so far.
Samurai Robot:

old self moc:

Mecha Face:

Mecha Pahrak: (is now called Pahrak man, I’ll be posting an updated version of him soon)

Master Chief:

Mecha Red:

you guys remeber the Robot series lol:

and the first picture I posted on the boards lol:
(pretty bad I know ha)


Didn’t recognise you until I saw “Mecha Face.” But I gotta say, your builds look pretty simple, but fun, and are certainly very creative. Particularly that Robot Series


Yeah sorry lol, just wanted to change my account name, it was way to long and stupid

So are these posted from most recent to oldest? Usually I’ve seen things posted the other way round…

But anyway, it looks like a solid transition from bland or basic to more striking color schemes and blocking; and aside from the oldest MOC they’re all pretty interesting. Your camera work has got much better as well. I think the main thing you could still improve upon is the texture and shaping of your MOCS -for instance, the Samurai Robot looks pretty blocky in his upper arms and chest.

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All of these are pretty freakin good

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The MOCs all look really fun and unique, even the older ones. Really the only thing I would improve is the photography, cause they’re a bit hard to see.

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yeah defiantly my dude, my photography stinks lol.

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when you say that, keep in mind that you’re talking to me