My BFTGM submission

This is the first moc I have ever put online, and I am pretty proud of it. I put a lot of effort (and pieces) into this guy, and I would like to see what you guys think of him. This is the link to the gallery I entered into the Battle for the Gold Mask competition. Comments and opinions appreciated.


Woah, better than anything I could do, without doubt stuck_out_tongue

Mata nui that thing looks like it is the spawn of Karzahni it's self !

Honestly that is a great build it looks like it is pure evil and will take over an island for for chuckles.
The tail really gets my attention when looking at the photos and the eyes they look great and fit well with the pure evil this guy has to offer \
My greatest question I would love to know is how long did this take you as it looks like a lot of effort was put into this moc

It actually took me several hours of building to get this thing right. Though, the hardest part for me was how to build the head. I must have spent at least two hours trying until I just grabbed some plates from my system collection.

The head seems too large for the body, as well as being quite unarmored and texturally different, but the MOC overall is quite imposing. I can't deny that builds of this size usually involve some impressive internal engineering on a level unneeded by those of the typical size.

I actually have some more pictures if you guys want to see them. During the photo shoot my little brother decided to see how tough he is. The result was this:

Sorry I'm not just posting the pictures directly, but it is easy for my to just paste a link. Feel free to post these pictures anywhere you want as long as you give me credit... well, maybe not these two