My Bionicle creation Valrock both versions.

I haven’t seen a Bionicle moc showcase in a long time so now that I finally was able to join the TTV message boards. I hope you guys show this off and tell me your opinions about it and what could be improved. The inspiration is based off a horror theme as known as the Wendigo. In story he is a Great being That is encountered another great being that also had this plague and was spreading it throughout the multiverse like wildfire. Disclaimer not based off the real description of mythological creature. Just re-edited the post.


Again, this needs to be in creative content lego creations my guy.
Not a bad moc, though.
Critique: BUT. And this is the biggest BUT that ever came out of my nonexistent mouth. This is NOT a wendigo. I KNOW wendigos. And i will tell you, this is not that. Wendigos are creatures of madness, selfishness, and evil, representing cold and famine. THIS is not that. Hes buff, completely different from the frail bodies of the traditional wendigo.He has horns, something wendigos dont have. He has fur, another thing wendigos dont have…the list goes on and on. The picture you referenced is not the true to the original culture, it is the European version.
There’s nothing wrong with that, but i just wanted to point out the difference between the two.


Looks spooky great wendigo i can tell you stayed faithful to the original description


I said it’s based on a different kind of wendigo not that it is one. And there are many depictions on what when they look like. And I was basing it off of other people’s depictions not the accurate one because I wanted to look more creature-like than human. I know of the Wendigo story myself as I researched it and multiple cultures have different versions of the creature everywhere there’s no right and there’s no wrong until someone actually sees one in real life and records it.

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Very nice.

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Also, i have been coming up with a story with a wendigo, so be prepared for that, i guess.

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Ooh looks quite cool. Color schemes for both mocs are pretty great and the skull mask looks good. Very nicely done!

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Who’s valroc

PS I was putting it on creative content but for some reason it turned into brickonicle. I’m not sure how that happened, My phone seems to be doing some weird stuff recently. So If it happens again I’ll fix it.