My collection of Evangelion MOCs

Sorry, @Ghosty, this has been long overdue:

The Evangelion.

First up, Unit 02 [version 2.0 (Ver. 1 was abject crap.)]

Version 3:

Unit 00: (made sometime in February, 2015)


these are pretty cool, nice work

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I wish you had a nice backdrop and less shaky camera work

anyway cool EVAs

These are years old, dude.

Also, just remembered these were in my library:
From Autumn, 2015:


shinji shinji get in the robot
also these are pretty cool! any chance you could show off more of their articulation?

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Cant- These pics were from years ago.

Most recent pics were from 6 months ago, with the Unit 00 I just now posted.

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oh man rest in pizzaronies

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I mainly deconstruct them for parts;

I only have so many joints.

The heads look too blocky,but otherwise,pretty cool.

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Well, at least I tried with making the most recent Unit 00’s head look like its on-screen counterpart

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