My creation

I’ve been working on a storyline about the great beings. It’s primarily about what they’ve been doing in the backgrounds of the original story of bionicle and I was wondering if you had already done something like that. If you did, can I submit a character of a great being I created.

If you want more detailes on the storyline behind this character let me know. Otherwise his name is Darconis.


I can’t believe I saw this coming…
@Droconis , Greg can’t submit anything to Lego because he’s fired from Lego. Also, while I’m sorry to say this, Lego gave up on bionicle fan contests a long time ago.
I know you’ve been trying to contact many well known bionicle content creators, but you probably shouldn’t try this out here.
It’s just the truth.


I am aware but I still want to see this great franchise return.


So do I. But posting one moc is not bringing it back. Better to support other projects,that have already made an impact on the rest of the community than to just make another, and have it fade into obscurity

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