My Current MOC Collection (Bionicle MOCs)

Hello to everyone!

This is a post with all my current Bionicle MOCs, ive posted another one of these before. Ill be going through the characters one by one and give a condensed backstory for each one.

Lets start with the Dark Lords.


Carmadon is the third brother in the dark lord brotherhood and the most bloodthirsty one of them. He has died and been ressurected twice in his life span in my collection, going through multiple versions, both titans, wierd lizards and others.

Carmadon has become one of my iconic characters in my own little universe and is one of my favourite characters.


Drendor my favourite of the dark lord brotherhood. He is the youngest in the brotherhood and has allways tried to become his older brother, Carmadon. Drendor is the only one of the brotherhood that has cosmic powers, thanks to Sirax posessing his body.

Drendor is one of the more complicated characters ive created, but also one of my most powerful characters.

Now lets move on to the bounty hunters ive created. They are three and they are all different.


Andor is one of my new characters and hasnt been through that much development. He is a bounty hunter going for more of a friendly approach to his profession, hunting the other bounty hunters, trying to keep the realm they are in safe.

Andor will get more development going farward with my own story.


Zintoor is one of the more priminite bounty hunters ive created. He is the right hand of the warlord and the deadliest one of them. He wields four swords spiked swords with one in each hand. Zintor is the most wanted bounty hunter in his realm and has his eyes pointed at the local bank.

Zintoor will be getting more story added to him in the future.

The Warlord

The warlord is the main bad guy of the bounty hunters. He runs the criminal gangs and the cash in his realm. He thinks he is the highest head and the alpha of his time. Zintoor has even sworn his loyalty to the warlord in awe to his “Powers”. The warlord hasnt met the cosmic beings that can travell through universes and doesnt know the true scale of the story.

The warlord plans to take Arcdron as a captive and recruit him as a bounty hnter. He doesnt know what Arcdron has done and what powers he really keeps inside of him.

Now for the only Toa of the group.


Itzal is a corrupted toa of stone that has fused himself with the shadows and has sworn himself to Sirax as his loyal spy. Itzal gets sent into different universes and bleds in with the local population and looks over the universe for Sirax while he slowly destroys the universe. Itzal is one of the more dangerous charac ters i have due to his abillity to blend in.

Itzal is at the moment following the warlord and his bounty hunters in the realms while Sirax is trying to hunt down Arcdron and the dark lords.

Next on the list is an old light warrior that has been corrupted by toxic materials.


Gamma used to be a light warrior, my version of a toa. But after comming in contact with toxic materials and after letting it consume him, it took over his body and it has driven him to insanity. He is now a crazy killer that is stuck in the realms, the warlord is looking to recruit him as a bounty hunter, if he can contain him.

Gamma has been through love and loss, he is a broken soul and has now given up on being a good guy and lets the toxic materials in him fight insead of him.

Now for my self MOC, probably my longest going character and my best built one.


Arcdron has the most complicated and broken story in my collction. He has died three times, been ressurected every time. Was created from the dying breath of his father and has been bannished, betrayed and cursed multiple times. He posses the powers of electricity and is the main character of my story. He was also the main force that destroyed my universe.

Arcdrons last adventure started when he was sent oit to become a god slayer, but was interrupted by Sirax and has become partially corrupted by the shadows and sometimes looses controll to Sirax and his anger.

Now for my last group of characters, the gods and lords of my collection.


Dawnbringer, or as hes more known as, Marouder, is one of my most popular characters and is the characters that has been through the most versions. He was a demon, that was turned into a demon god, that was turned into a god. He has killed multiple of my characters and has become a universal god, basicly the ruler of a universe. He has a very wierd back story with corruptions and betrayls.

Dawnbringer isnt part of my current story, but will appaear at some point. He is the beafiest built one of my characters and is the hardest one to pose due to his very bulky legs.

Last one people.

Sirax, The overlord

Sirax is my overlord, a dimension and universe travelling being that kills and destroys for fun. He has been the overlord for so long that he has lost the fear of getting overthrown or deafeated due to time. He has possesed both Drendor and Arcdron. He uses Drendor as his fysical body when we destroys universes and often avoids Itzal. He is the main bad guy of my story and a threat the the warlord doesnt even know exist.

Sirax is the character i want to focus the most on as he is still relativly new in my collection and is built up by old MOCs.

The list is now finnished. Feel free to comment on any or all of them. I think this is the best looking collection ive had. Hope you find them intresting and maybe even cool.


That’s a pretty nice collection, from which most of them look like great MOCs!


I can agree that most of these are above average