My custom Mesonak

Hello all.
To somewhat honor my re-entry into the word of Bionicle thanks to the TTV crew, I decided to make a MOC out of 2 of the cast members: Mesonak and Eljay. I’m redesigning Eljay’s torso and arms, but I do have Mesonak finished:

Close-up of the head (I didn’t have the right pieces for his horns, so I substituted parts)

I do have building instructions if anyone wants to make this MOC themselves. The legs are a little hindered due to their design, but I feel as if I did a decent job portraying ol’ Meso over here.
Close up shot of his back:

That’s all I got for him, unless anyone wants instructions for this MOC.


Hmm! Pretty good!

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@Yveran thanks! All I need to do is make him a staff.

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Looks pretty good. Nice job

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I like it better than the actual.:grinning:

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It’s Mesonak, the hungry, large shouldered beast he is.



0/0 he’s not bashing a miru

######I wanted to make a Meso killing solek joke but I don’t want to get banned###

anyway, this is an amazing moc.


If only I had solek’s mask.
But no, i’ll just make a brick-built micro-solek and a bionicle-scaled chainsaw .,;,;,.


He’s Mesonak 0/10


This is really awesome. I love the wings with those Brutaka sword pieces. :smile:

I can’t tell if that is a joke or an honest dislike.

Well we knew Meso did drugs, and I guess some must have been steroids because that is seriously beefy
All in all good moc

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This is groovy man. I love the way this Meso looks. If only he actually looked like that.

This /s, means he was joking.

I really like this; thanks a ton! The build is quite complex and unorthodox (those hands tho), but it still manages to evoke the typical “Meso” style in a way that feels familiar to me, but fresh at the same time. The shoulders are my favorite part, hands down. I’d be quite curious to see how those were built.

The lower legs perturb me slightly because of the open ball joints, but it’s not that noticeable from most of the photos you took so I don’t really find myself caring all that much.

Great job man, and thanks again! :smiley:



Joke. You done good. :stuck_out_tongue:

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this is so cool i rate 11/10


If you’re making mocs of the whole cast of this quality, I might be tempted to build one myself

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I could, but I don’t have too many old kanohi. I’d only be able to do 3 of em.

Yes, I tried figuring out a sleek way of covering up the open ball joints on the legs, but I couldn’t find any that would keep the leg’s shape.
Also, for the shoulders… (Image dump ahead)

That’s how the shoulder connectors are done. They provide attaching points for the shoulderpads and the arms.
Up next is the shoulderpad build.
Anyways, those are the shoulders. Let me know if you want to see how the torso was made.
UPDATE: Just finished Meso’s staff:


I quite like him!

The silver distribution detracts, however.

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