My daily Bionicle art

Half-way to 100!

Kind of a weak one, but I think the head idea is cool.

Art based on a fangame I’m working on.

Quick scribble after a failed piece. If you wanna see any of these failed artworks, lemme know :).

Attempt at a scene. Bit too much for an hour and a half, but I like it.

This one on the other hand is lit

Trying out some more Matoran, and experimenting a bit.

s l o w



that is one funky vahi and Im digging it, along with that MNOG makuta


Still marching along!

Kind of a quick one for an off-day, but the mask came out quite well.

More trying out Matoran.

Playing Bionicle Heroes inspired this one. Why is a Mistika Hau with horns the Mask of Charisma when this one be looking so fine?

Krika Croquis. No more words needed.

Sometimes I get inspiration to draw characters with no depiction. I did Lesovikk as a warmup. I forgot about the rest…

Another quickie.

And another one.

If you have a character or MOC you want me to draw, lemme know! I’m still open for requests.



Your shading and coloring style is really aesthetically pleasing, and I love your approach to conveying their biomechanical nature! I also particularly love the shaping of the Krika sketch you recently shared


Starting to run out of phrases to start these posts;

Another teaser for a gamedev project

Redid Onewa Metru from day 2. Imo this is one of the highlights, even though I kinda messed up a few bits.

Attempted to design a Barraki pre-mutation. Kinda meh tbh.

Not much to say here, he be Tahu.

This one also came out super well, pre-bug Nidhiki. Idk if the sythe makes sense but it looks cool :v

This one is a mess but the colouring came out quite well. Definitely a candidate for a revisit.

This one kinda also just exists.

BONUS: gonna show the process of how I make these:

1: Get the model or reference photos ready

2: Study the design and generate ideas through sketches (the first 3 photos here are from the original version)

3: Pencil sketch

4: Inking

5: Flat colours

Final! (and yes, I make these in advance)

And a photo from above! I hope this was interesting.


He looks like a Transformers Beast Wars character (in a good way). The head looks a lot like the more cartoon-style Transformer heads.


Really enjoyed the step-by-step of Onewa, cool insight into your process. Not to mention the piece itself is very good, you can see that original Onewa attitude in his posture





Kodan, the first chronicler. I figured I’d give him a mask of night vision so he can see the events he’s writing down but then I realised he’s a matoran and can’t use it :v

Tried depiction an av-Matoran changing colour. Kinda meh tbh.

Here’s an interpretation of a non-mutated Kanohi Mohtrek. Instead of emulating the insect nature of it I thought in the direction of how different elements would morph in the mutation to result in Bitil’s mask.

Krana face. Matoran seem to be my comfort characters.

Now here’s a banger! Tomorrow I’ll be releasing info on the game I’ve been teasing, this acting kind of like a poster for it.

Day 69 lol. Not much to say here.

Toa Ignika from before. Starting to get the hang of drawing Toa designs.

Quite a good week I’d say, I have smth adorabe set for the next one :).


Reminds me of the Rainbow Road track from Mario Kart, and the world-tree from Thor. Really cool painting!


For doing these everyday even the ones that stand out as much are still great for how much time you have.

I would like to see this moc. Take whatever creative liberty you want when drawing it.


Alright, does he have a name? Or rather, how should I name the Twitter post, if you’re ok with me posting it there.

(also is their chest built on an toa metru leg piece? that’s genius)


I don’t really have a name for it, cause it’s actually my self moc. And also it’s fine if you post it on twitter.

Here’s a front view if it helps. Also with the spear which you can decide if you want to include.


Plushie week! I started by drawing Macku, then I figured I might as well do Hewkii, and then I decided to do the entire Inika cast. That Nuparu is so dang cute I cant help but smile.


P.S. for the record, ChubChub’s MOC has been drawn and will be featured next time


where’s onepu the crab champion?
can you draw my self moc? (no worries if you can’t)


Yeah totally! Like last time lemme know if she(?) has a name and if you’re cool with me posting on social media.


no name really yet, thanks post wherever you want it let me know if you want better photos


Time for another week’s batch! Also the start of a new sketchbook.

ChubBhub86’s MOC - like with the first sketchbook, I kinda went overambitious lol. Also used markers too much and already had to cut out the second page. I think it was worth it though.

Matoran Nui. I don’t like how the colours came out, way too dark.

I was planning a sorta Hau progression but the template I used (I made a head to draw over) was crap so I abandoned it and made a quick Lhikan instead.

Because it isn’t cold anymore I can’t dry watercolours at the furnace so I started experimenting with techniques. With this one I have reminded myself that the coloured pencils I have, suck. The piece is also kinda mediocre too.

This one on the other hand, banger. Also an experiment, but this time it looks pretty nice, and the pose is cool too.

I was out of ideas so I did another mask interpretation. Came out great.

Like the Umbra before, this one came out splendid. I tried some colour theory stuff and some reflecting and it gave me smth I’m really proud of.

Getting close to 100!! Not 100% sure yet if I’ll cap it at that or keep going, but you bet I’ll make smth fire :fire:


That Umbra is amazing, the recoloring of the mask(?) is also a neat touch. Makes me wish we got such a recolor…

ChubChub’s character looks great too, very space-age!


Yeah same tbh, I recoloured it mainly so it matches the colour scheme, and to make it more colourful. But coloured metru masks would be amazing for MOCs