My Dark Hunter MOC: Soldier

So I was browsing the message boards last night and discovered THIS DARK HUNTER:

After seeing this monstrosity (in my opinion), I said to my self "If air watcher can get accepted into the Dark Hunters, then I offer this MOC as tribute." And that MOC I made was this:

This is Soldier... I made him intentionally bad.

Yeah... got a little cynical last night.

And here is his inner workings

And believe it or not, the legs allow him walk to normally.

Even though I literally winged it, I kind of like this MOC. What his backstory? Ummm... He's a rahi mutated by visorak venom I guess. And He joined the dark Hunters to find purpose.

You guys can be as honest as you want when telling me what you think about this MOC. Like I said, the purpose was to make an intentionally bad MOC. So yeah, go nuts guys.


I like this MOC.. I like this "kind" of MOCs in generell.

It reminds of the "old" dark hunter.. also they weren't build that great but they looked cool and I think this looks cool.

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To be honest this looks better than some of dark hunters that were accepted.

Good/Bad job m8!

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It's definitely something...

It's awful! smiley
Good job! you did exactly what you set out to do!


Honestly I prefer the old dark hunter mocs' style to some of the system/ccbs 'throw everything together' mocs we have now.

I find it a nice touch that no CCBS was used.

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This is pretty cool!