My Dinobot Scrar

This is my entry for the Dinobot Moc Building Contest on this site.

Here he is using his tail whip.


How he transforms.

Inspiration: Transformers 4 Dinobot, Power Ranger Megazoid (mainly the red ones).

Super sorry for the really late entry @MaximusPrime I’ve had not a lot of time on the computer and I have been very busy.

Forgot to add this, Dino form: T-Rex




I’m pretty sure that contest got closed.

The MOC’s pretty neat, though. I like the use of Technic to build the Dino head.

No, the host got banned for a week though.


This is a pretty good MoC! I like that I’m seeing more and more Transformers MoCs! My one problem is that the trans orange claws kind of stick out.

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This is amazing!

No problem. I wound up getting suspended for a week, so I think I’ll just move the deadline again.