My favorite moc Darth vader the bounty hunter

here i compare with my other moc

This is Darth vader became when he attacked by the skull army wich he defeated. he wields a better version of makutas spear and laser lance + a heavy force gun plus jag är en svenk tretton årig pojke



Cool. I definitely like the colour scheme, though at first it seemed weird.


Eh idk, looks extremely messy. Kinda nice that he can bend in some ways but still , looks messy.

I actually really like this. The back story is ridiculous, but the MOC is good, and seems quite custom.

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It looks messy on purpose because he absorbed the skull army.


it’s alright

Purposeful or not, I can’t say it pulls that look off very well.

Purposefully messy aesthetics are a hard thing to make work, and unfortunately this feels like one of the subpar attempts at it.

However, I concur with @White_Rainbow that some of the articulation is interesting, even if the proportions are pretty off with such thin limbs on a massive torso.

Just out of curiosity, what drove you to make a story where Darth Vader randomly fought the Skull Army and wore their corpses?


It really looks like something that I don’t want to meet in forest at night. xD

I like it. ^^


Guy has weird proportions. Not really much else to say.

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Makuta Vader?

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No , Vader wearing skeletons

Or Vader as a skeleton


It’s Swedish.

For “I’m a Swedish thirteen-year-old boy.”

Or something like that, I dunno.

Google Translate’s not exactly the most reliable of sources.


that was correct and thanks fo your feedback i will soon post an update that is more slick an smoth tack för er hjälp

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here is the updated version Darth vader the bounty hunter 2.0


I can’t even. This looks so weird, but so good

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thanks for the feedback.

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well I don’t really like the star wars head molds, using the kraahkan might have been a better option, and well, the body is all over the place

I know Im thinking on getting one to replace the darth vader head but its the best i have for now