My First M.O.C - Antra The Tracker (Version 2)

Continuing the discussion from My First MoC - Antra, The Tracker:

Okay so I made some upgrades on Antra's build.

Change number 1, Shoulders: I changed the shoulders up a little bit, i wanted to give Antra's shoulders more bulk, but at the same time, give him more movement, as the bionicle star feet as the front face of the shoulder plates really restricted the forearm movement, so i was thinking about what sort of armour pieces that covers his shoulders, but yet gives him movement. The the lord blessed me with a pair of Nuhvok shields! They were perfect, they even flush between the red Matoro Mahri claws.

Change 2, Body: Not much here, just wanted to bulk up his body to close the gap between the arms and the side of the Torso

Change 3. Feet: The feet have been the bane of my existence for weeks now, i had seen the original makuta teridax feet, and liked the angular foot design, pulling off that aethetic was easy, but the stability was a huge problem, there was none. But over time i built up the heel, and tried to make it look good too. Finally i decided to use a small blade piece on the unused Inika ball joint to use them as stability. I aim to make the feet look a lot better.

Feedback is welcomed!


Looks pretty cool. But you'd best redesign those feet...

Eljay would vomit at the sight of that :stuck_out_tongue:


I know, even now i was iffy about posting this without covering them up, they looked so ...naked. Any suggestions on how to cover them up?


The same kind of dagger you're using as heels might work, that or Borok shields

Yeah, i've just gone back now and added this piece shown in the yellow bubble as the heel and whole outer foot, completely removing the blue pins, and letting me armour up his feet more and giving him extra stability, btw the photo is one i pulled from the internet just to show what piece i'm talking about

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I like what I see, maybe cept the upper chest, it just goes into a 90○ t shape.

Yeah, sometimes i like to angle the plates diagonally backwards a little bit, its personal preference on how the plates are positioned

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Much better than my MOCs and this is your first one!

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