My First M.O.C that I have posted

This is my first M.O.C that I have posted online, His name is Zarahn the Mask hunter. He is a mutated Toa Turned Bounty hunter. He tracks down and kills toa and takes their masks as trophies, he wears the Kanohi Huna and he controls the power of telekinesis, his weapons inlcude a mutated right hand that he mounts a midak skyblaster to. He also wields what I call the judgement blade.

hope you guys like it


You have to yet the pictures finish uploading before you make a post

ok how do I fix it

1.Edit the post by clicking the little pencil
2.delete the words that say uploading
3.put the pictures back in however this time wait for them to become a large line of details instead of the word uploading edit

ok thanks I’m writing this on ipad so I’ll do it on my pc to make it easier

You can do all that on iPad too. That’s what I do since my laptops busted.

all good the images should be there

For a very old moc from the G1 'era; the the color is decent despite the amount of silver, but it still maintain a generic Inika build.


I was going to make the arm and thigh pieces the same color as the mask and feet and the left hand but the arm pieces didn’t come out in metru-red :frowning:


Even if it is an Inika build, the model still looks nice, with a consistent colour scheme, and your photo quality is excellent. You could tone down the silver a bit, though I personally don’t have the much of a problem. nice character concept as well.

Oh, welcome to the boards too! :slight_smile:

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@TheDarkFlame cheers mate :slight_smile:

did the inika legs come in metru red I’m not sure ?

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it came in metru red in both toa versions of Jaller

oh yeah thats right I remember

This is actually a pretty good modified Inika build. I can only gripe about the colors, but they aren’t horrendous by any means.

yeah I agree I put too much silver on him, I needed more red to go with the Huna, and his feet