My first two Mocs

When the boards went down I decided to get out my extra parts of bionicle. I mainly used; top half of Nidihiki, Nuurakh, and Zadakh. Both of my mocs are tamed Rahi that are being riden by matoran. The brown moc was kinda inspired by the bear from Mask of Light. The green moc was just an idea of something that could defend a village from oncoming attacks. Since I can't come up with an inspired name I will leave to you all in the message boards. The name I like the most I will end up choosing for the two.


Very nice!

I like them! The brown mech is my favorite.

the only name I can give the Nidiki Rahi is Minidiki

Great design

Those look great! I love the head on the brown one!

I thank all of you for your thoughts. I'm actually really suprises people liked them. I was very reluctant of posting them as thinking they weren't that great. Thanks to all of you!

These are some great MOCs!
They're really good for your first ones! smile

Can we call the brown one death-hug-claw-fluff, ya know, cuz it's a bear?

Or I could come up with a proper name for it, if you would like that?

It's up to all of you. smile A formal name though is what I tried but ended up giving up as I didn't feel like I could get something that fit it.

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