My first ultra-simple CCBS MOC

So this is my very first moc and his name is “The Wandering Blade Master” for now

here is the front and yes he wears a scarf(is it allowed tho?).

and then the back. i know that his back legs are not covered and somebody help me on how to make a custom ccbs legs. Story/Lore:
“He came from a once great forgotten kingdom known as the Royal Legion and he was their most skilled and greatest knight. He saw the death of his great king and the destruction of their great kingdom, then he sought to seek revenge on the one who killed their king. But after years and years of searching he still didn’t found him.”

This is his weapon.

And also after his travels he found a friend,a skull spider with a red stinger he called “Red Horn”
Feel free to give out some suggestions and tips and how to make a ccbs torso.


I guess it works. It isn’t really terrible, but it’s just…meh.

Also, there’s purple, gold, gunmetal, and white. I’d suggest getting rid of one of those.

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what purple?

Oh my, that’s blue! Whoops!

The blue…

no problem. but i think i might make him red…

reee reee reeee ROYAL BLUE

No! Don’t! Get rid of the gunmetal, if possible! I actually really like the blue on this MOC, and think that blue, white, and gold is a good color scheme.

Now, onto the MOC! Despite looking a little cluttered and topheavy, I think it works quite well! I would make the feet larger and bulk up the limbs. Good work! :smiley:

Like others have said, cutting down on the amount of colours would be a good idea. The scarf isn’t a bad idea, but the Stormer drone piece on the torso clashes with it. Also, the proportions are pretty funky. I recommend trying to emulate human proportions as much as you can (especially in the beginning like this).

Try doing something similar to Kopaka Master or the larger Star Wars Ultrabuilds.

There’s no surefire way. CCBS is such a flexible system that your best bet would be to play around with different bone and shell arrangements on your own. =)

tnx for the advice man

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It’s my absolute pleasure. I look forward to seeing updated pics!

I like the sword.

I’m not a big fan of the rest.

Maybe his arms should be a little shorter?

I’d say it’s a good start honestly