My Gen 2 Mask collection, discussion

So this is what I've been able to collect so far... of course, I'm missing the Gold Kutla skull, the trans dark blue 2015 Gali mask... and I somehow LOST my Umarak mask >.<!

But what have you guys gotten so far?
What masks do you or don't you like?
Any masks you want to see made in the new gen 2 style (for me, obviously kraahkan.)


I think a G2 kualsi would be amazing


I've got all the masks except for the transparent exclusive masks (scorpio, MoF, MoW) but I was able to get the Gold Kulta mask on ebay :smile:

This is a really good collection, just missing 2 masks


aw man, I want the gold kulta mask ;-;

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I have every mask - including the Comic Con exclusives - except the the translucent Mask of Water. (Yes, even the gold Kulta mask).


Darn you LEGO with your insanely hard to get exclusives!!!

If only you had all the Creatures, and Umarak, and Trans Blue Gali mask, and Pearl Gold Grinder mask....sigh, if only.

What a LOSS.


I have all set mask, plus trans orange mask of fire

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I don't have that many Mask, I only have 7.

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