My Hahli Mahri drawing

Drawn with copic markers and micron pens

Being an artist herself, my Bionicle girlfriend got me to try using copic markers. Thanks to her, I have another expensive thing to regularly buy for my hobbies. Regardless, I’ve come to love copics as they’re very rewarding and satisfying to color with- much more so than digital. I hope to inspire you to try using copics and microns as well.

When it comes to Bionicle, there are a lot of different styles for illustrating its characters. This time around, I initially tried to emulate the style we saw in 2008-10’s comics, but there’s so much detail in the parts it’s hard to capture them all even on a full page. One day I’d like to write and illustrate a full 22-ish page Bionicle comic; you have to start somewhere! Practice makes perfect, as they say.

C&C is appreciated but I want burger emojis more.


the implication being that she isn’t a valid girlfriend, but a BIONICLE one


I don’t know what copic markers and micron pens are, but now I want to. This is really good, very clean, and the proportions are dead-on. I wish the 2007 comics had looked like this.

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She will be my bionicle wife in like… checks watch

3 years?


Yes, love is canon.

Jokes aside this is really nice. I can’t work with markers for nothing so seeing this neatly done is very pleasing.


Ohhh, this is gorgeous. I am pitiful when it comes to drawing with pens or markers, but you’re right, I actually do kinda wanna learn now. Molto bene, my friend