My idea for a G3 BIONICLE

Ever since BIONICLE G2 was canceled last year, many of us were quite disappointed. And whether you think G2 was a nice reimagening, or poorly-done, or a meh reboot, or whatever, it was nice to get BIONICLE back at all, and Lego didn’t have to do it in the first place! So, I’m glad that we gotten another change to revisit BIONICLE, as short-lived as it was.
So, as I’m sure that some of you have made your own G3s, here’s mine. I hope you enjoy, and let me know what you think about it. ^^ I’m gonna be using some elements (no pun intended) from both and G1 and G2 and some of my own. I haven’t figured out the main story completely yet, but I have figured of the origin story and the main story’s basic. ^^;

Part 1: Origins
10,000 years ago, an unknown alien race had terraformed one of their planet’s moons, known as Terra Magna, into an Earth-like body for one of their latest lifeform experiment: a new form of animal that was technorganic, a combination of machine and living tissue. The technorganic flesh that was attached to the robotic skeleton was called the Kiko, and this new animal was protected with a metallic exoskeleton called the Anga.
Several landmasses were made while Terra Magna was in the terraforming process.
These aliens had made several species of this new form of animal called Rahi, along with a humanoid animal called a Matoran. Matoran are a tribe-like species programmed with wanting learn more about the universe around them. To guide the Matoran, these aliens have made a new Matoran species called a Turaga, a sage-like Matoran who guide and teach others.
One of the aliens named Afigitus, took the role of a Wanderer (which is basically a role that these aliens may take to venture to obverse their creations to watch its progress and guide it) and disguised himself as a Kra-Matoran (Matoran of Shadow) named Nihton and implanted himself on one of the landmasses.

Part 2: The New Legend
Gathered friends, listen to our new legend of the BIONICLE.
In the a time, before time, The 3 Great Spirits had ventured across the Vast Seas, finding a new land to call home in a great ship called The Ark. The Ark had reached the shores of an island, and The 3 Great Spirits, Okoto Nui, Kanohi Nui, and Whakaro Nui, went out and explored this new land. After a few days of exploring the island, the sleeping Matoran that were resting in The Ark were awakened and were place in different villages that were set up in different regions that were capable of fulfilling each of the Matoran’s needs. In gratitude, the Matoran have named the island Otoko after Okoto Nui for discovering the island and mapping it out, the masks the Matoran wore were called Kanohi after Kanohi Nui for designing and building the masks and the territories across Okoto, and the sacred temple that was built in honor all The 3 Great Spirits was called the Whakaro Temple after Whakaro Nui for her wisdom and guidance for the first Matoran.

Part 3: Main Story
For past 1,000 years, the Matoran had build their societies, monuments, and mythology.
Over the years, a story of the legendary Toa would one day come and save Okoto and all who live on the island. Toa are warrior-like beings who seek to protect others. This story was told by The 3 Great Sprits and carved into the walls of the Whakaro Temple. It was also written that The 3 Great Spirits hid Toa Stones all over Okoto so that one day, the worthy ones would collect all the Toa Stones and gather at the Whakaro Temple to become that legendary Toa. How many Toa Stone are out there? “Only The 3 Great Spirits know for sure,” as the Turaga say.

One day, in the deserts of Po-Wahi, a Kri-Matoran (Matoran of Crystal) was looking for some rocks for carving when her Ussal, Skavo had found a what appeared to be a black Matoran laying on the sands helpless and alone. The black Matoran looked up and freaked out from the sight of Skavo. “Are you alirght?” asked the Kri-Matoran as she rushed to the black Matoran after seeing Skavo. “I think so. Where am I? And who are you?” he asked. “You’re in Po-Wahi, the desert region of Okoto. I’m Kohuke, a Kri-Matoran. Who are you?” she replied. "I don’t quite remember… -groan- What’s my name?" After thinking for a minute, “Ah-ha!” exclaimed the black Matoran. “I remember now! My name is Nihton, a Kra-Matoran.” Kra-Matoran are Matoran of Shadow.
After introductions, Kohuke took Nihton to her village, Onu-Koro (a village for Onu and Kri-Matoran that’s located in the caverns of Okoto) to ask the Turaga of Uno-Koro, Marua, about Nihton. “The Great Spirits have foretold the day where a mysterious Matoran appearing out of nowhere and will guide the Matoran who will become the Toa,” said Turaga Marua. “How am I supposed to guide the worth Matoran for this out of the blue?” Nihton replied. Marua chucked. “Even the most inexperienced can master, it just takes time and belief in oneself. So, what kind of Matoran are you, Nihton?” “A Kra-Matoran, I believe,” Nihton answered. Marua had a surprised look on his eyes. “A Matoran of Shadow. Such a rarity; coming across someone of something of the Nadra Elements is very rare.” (See next part for more details.)
“The what Elements, now?” asked Nihton. “The Nadra Elements are a category of Elements that are hard to come by,” Kohuke explained.
“Correct, Kohuke,” said Turaga Marua as he turned around to study the Toa prophecy more. “Now, enough enough chirping around, go get some rest, Nihton. We’ll discuss this tomorrow.” “Yes, Turaga Marua,” said Nihton and Kohuke.

That’s all I got for the main story for far. ^^;

Part 4: Elements
The Elements are The Attributes of Nature that have structured the universe. The 3 Great Spirits have used several Elements to rebuilt the Matoran after a massive accident that badly damaged them 150 years before they were taken to Okoto in The Ark.
The 4 Main Elements are:
There are some Elements that are related to one of the Main Elements These are called Sub-Elements.
EARTH Sub-Elements:
WATER Sub-Elements:

And there are some Elements that are in a class of their own. These Elements are called Nadra Elements. (LIGHT) and (SHADOW) are examples of the Nadra Elements.
Overall, there are many other Elements (Main, Sub, and Nadra) that are yet to be discovered.

Part 5: Sets
For the sets of my BIONICLE G3, I’ll be doing something that I don’t think has been done before. You know that the beings in the BIONICLE story are biomechanical while the toy sets resemble robots more. You remember those flexible hoses, like the ones in some of the only Technic sets and the ribbed ones in some of the older G1 BIONICLE sets? I’ll be using those for muscles. ^^ If you recall in Part 1, the biological part of the Rahi/Matoran is the Kiko. The construction of these sets will begin with a simple skeleton (similar to the CCBS skeletons for G2 BIONICLE), next is to attach the the “muscles” and other parts for the Kiko. Then you attached the Anga, the exoskeletal armor. And the grand finale: the Kanohi mask! :smiley: (Some sets may not have a Kanohi.)
Each set is seperate, unless said otherwise.
I’ll come up with the 1st and 2nd wave of sets soon in a new post.

So, what do you think of my BIONICLE G3 idea?


This looks interesting, but it’ll probably be overshadowed by TTV’s own G3. Good luck though! I know it’s hard to so fan projects.

Thanks. I’ll do my best. :slight_smile:

It’s an interesting concept. I like the way that you shuffled the lore we know into something unique and new. Part 3 really bothers me though. Personally, I would have simply put the premise of the story under Part 3 and left the actual story for its own topic. The writing of this section seems to reflect this: it has the feel and detailing of a summary, but it includes dialogue and some details that are too specific for an overview.

I have to say, the inclusion of the Wanderer as an amnesiac Matoran is an interesting plot point. It’s something that could lead a lot of cool places.

I’m sorry.


Sorry for what?
And what’s with the red Pakari Uno card? :imp:

Uno-Koro. I’m a horrible person who likes to point out misspellings of made-up words. :stuck_out_tongue: