My idea for Destiny Day

You guys control my destiny!

(In Pokemon Emerald)

I'll start a new game, and you guys all vote for what name, starter, what to do during a battle, and other stuff like that.
I'll post screenshots and updates to keep everyone informed.


"You control the battle! With new LEGO insert-theme-name-here!"

Sounds fun.

So this will basically be an interactive story?


It'd be like twitch plays pokemon, but with less people.

Yep basically.

Which means a potentially more cohesive play pattern.

I'm down with this, it'll give some of the non-builders something to do during the Metru-Nui stream, like, while they watch, or if they don't wanna watch.

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It's been two days but this sounds epic.

Yea @LelouchViBritannia you should still do this.
Like an on-going nuzlocke challenge were you could name your pokemans after ttv and forum members and post screenshots of it and stuff

Alright guys, IT BEGINS