My last MOC for now...

No special story, no cool powers (asside from the obvious), heck not even a name…
Actually maybe that should be it’s name, “The Nameless One”. Whatever the case I hope you enjoy! Any ideas of criticism is appreciated.

Thanks again!

Edited for language ~ ReeseEH


why the click baity title? Not even a reason why was listed so naming it that was pointless.

anyway, the moc is ok at best. that thornaxx mouth throws me off a lot


Plz no clickbait bruh, that stuff ruined the interwebs

Anyway, I actually quite like the M.O.C! The thornaxx mouth is weird but cool, and doze weapons are suh-weet. I like the colorscheme as well. My only critique is that the shoulders (not the upper body structure in all, just the shoulders), the lower arms and lower legs seem a bit too simplistic compared with the rest of the build.

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Well, the reason that this will be my last MOC for a while is because I’m going to boot camp for two months (I’m in the navy) and then I’m in A School for basically a year, which I thought I explained in a previous post, so it would have been redundant to repeat.


Thank you for your service, I salute thee


I love the thornax launcher face. Incredibly creative.

Thank you! I’m sorry it took me so long to respond, I just got out of boot camp, but I’m back now and I still have a few ideas to post before I’m out of parts!