My Lego Bionicle Dark Order Moc collection

This is my Dark Order Moc set. (Though only 4 out of the 5 are Mocs)

Umarak, The Dark Hunter.
He is the only one who isn’t a moc mainly because I like his design and found nothing I wanted to change, but I did give him a new Bio
Bio: Umarak is one of the 5 members of the Dark Order. He is the most cunning hunter in the world, able to move through the Darkness with his Sword. His Gatling Bow is armed with Ivy arrows witch have the power to make his victims to see horific hallucinations before they are killed by the poison. He is one of the more reclusive members of the Order and tends to keep to himself and will probably leave once he kills a toa, which has been a lifelong dream of his

Rasputin, The Dark Alchemist.
I built him as well as the Titian while experimenting. I got a build down and just kind of rolled with it.
Bio: Rasputin is is one of the 5 members of the Dark Order.
He has magical powers and is able to create any of the elements at will. One night while experimenting he created Attila, another member of the a Order. Now he and Attila are a duo that works to try to create the most powerful element in the world

Attila, The Fate Lizard
Bio: Attila is a shadow lizard that has the power to see into the future. He was given this ability by Rasputin after he was created. He serves as Rasputins Guard Dog and viciously kills anyone with his ivy tipped tail who interferes with his Master.

Brutus, The Dark Titan
Bio: Brutas lives high in the snowy mountains he guards a large sum of Gold which he prides on heavy. He is adorned in silver armor and carries an iron whip that he uses to kill anyone who gets in his way. He is the strongest member of the order, And has even bested a Toa

Bio: Teridax is the leader of the Order and strives to do nothing but try to destroy the Great Spirit. He is armed with a Staff of Shadows which he uses to manipulate Darkness. He doesn’t wear a mak, Rather just a helmet to conceal the darkness that lies under it. He is the most powerful member and can easily kill a Toa in one hit. He later posses Makuta which becomes a title for a Dark one


how is this a moc collection

with him there?


I said 4 out of the 5 where Mocs

I really like the dude with the cape

The skull spider beast looks awesome, but the middle of it is a bit bare.

Wut am proportions?

Wut am proper articulation?

Wut am life?

Huh I didn’t understand

He is talking about the Proportions
And the strange Articulation
Of 3 jointed arms

Oh those are only on Rasputin and Brutas I tried with two bone arms but it doesn’t look good

You could have done custom arms

What’s on his hands?

I’m still an amateur I don’t know how to do does :disappointed_relieved:

Those are just stand ins. They were from an old Gaster moc. I’m going to replace them with silver soon

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No I mean the dots?

As I said they were from an Old WD Gaster

He has holes in his hands

Edited for double post -Indi

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Holy sauron Batman they look kewl dude