My Matoran from Metru Nui MOCs

All six soon to be Toa Inika

Kongu, standing there

Hewkii, wanting a hug…?

Nuparu, waving at you

Jaller, scratching his mask

Hahli, curtsying

Matoro, translating what Turaga Nuju is saying

Who I would consider the secondary Matoran from Mata Nui/Metru Nui
Five of these Matoran

Tamaru, being the look out

Hafu, shrugging

Onepu, looking at his non-purple feet

Macku, ready to play some Kohlii

Kopeke, about to make a sculpture of Toa Kopaka

Kapura, all like, don’t look at me! I don’t have my mask!
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Uh, anyway, basic design, works for the most part.

I mean, yeah, I think they look a bit odd, with limbs being kinda too long vs the bodies, but what is one to do?

Cool enough looking if you got a big group of them,


I do have a lot of them, but I needed to break some, because I needed some ball joints… :frowning:

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Those look great. :smiley:
They have the style of the official second line of Mata Nui matoran but with better looks and without the floppiness and lack of articulation.

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When I first made them, I didn’t have the pieces, so I just broke some Toa and Bohrok and other things, but they’re really simple to make, once I got enough parts (and masks) I started to make a whole bunch! :smile:


These are awesome!


T’is been over a year since this topic was active, and I was originally going to continually update this topic to hold more Matoran, but that didn’t work out.
So here are the Metru-Toran after Mata Nui, and back to Metru Nui.
Yeah, here are the three we met in Mata Nui, and then turned out to have roles on Metru Nui!



Then the three we never saw on Mata Nui!


And the manliest of Matoran, Ehyre


these are really nice, their torsos seem really tiny, but it has a strange charm to it


Is Vhisola…half-white?

Also, is it pronounced Vih-so-lah, or Vee-so-lah?

Medium blue, same color as Nokama’s mask from 2001, the lighting made it look weird and I was too lazy to retake the picture.

I always pronounce it Vih-so-lah

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