My new Bionicle creations

The first one is Skalpa, the Guardian of the Golden Mask

I wanted to use CCBS parts for Bionicle MOCs and this came into being. He guards the Lord of Skull Spider's golden mask from the villagers of Okoto.

The second one is a group shot of all my villager

They are the protectors of their villages while the main protectors are gone.

I hope you all liked them! smiley
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I like the use of the protector mask as shoulder armor on the Ice character.


I really like that hammer.

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Everytime I see the Kopaka mask on a little guy, I think of Matoro.

Some creative piece usage here, but I'm not a fan of how fat the Guardian of the Golden Mask looks.


I appreciate that.

anyway, I really like Skalpa. It looks a lot like a cartoon villain, of some sort.

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