My Odd MOC Lineup Part 3

Hello! So I made some interesting moc’s and then assembled them as part of a team of sorts. Then I took suggestions on how to improve some of them which I greatly appreciated.

I thought it would be fun to make fake box art designs for my moc’s. Now these are just simple and basic, and of course are not perfect designs in any way, I just thought it’d be a lot of fun to make these and show them here.

The design is pretty much the same for all six with random background images from the web. The first of the six has a bit of a difference from the rest because it was literally the first one I made and it was just a test to see how it would look by the end.

If people like these I may do more fun things similar to this like action scenes or whatever.

If you want to know more about these crazy Moc’s I have a part one and two to this that goes over their backgrounds, elements, and inspirations…

Again these are not meant to be real or anything, they are FAKE, it’s just for fun. Thanks.


So first you impressed me with the MOCs, now you’re impressing me with these edits. As one might say: impressive.

In all seriousness though, you did a really good job making these, I am in awe at these lads

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