My Odd MOC Lineup Part 4

Hello there. I’m back with another MOC designed character that I would like to show off here.

For those wondering, yes this is the same body I used for the Artakha contest. If you read that post I made for the contest it’s explained but i’ll do so here too regardless. I was already designing this MOC before I was aware of said contest, I altered it to be an Artakha design becuase I thought it would be fun for the most part. I knew I was likely not going to win that particular contest but I figured I would enter regardless, because honestly what would be the worst that could happen???

Anyways, this is the true MOC intention and (mostly) finalized version of this character I’ve come up with…

AGEONIS, The Timeless One

Element: Time / randomly borrowed ones

Primary Color(s): Black, Gray, Gunmetal

Secondary Color(s): Silver

Accents: Transparent Orange

Mask Power: Vu-Vahi, Mask of Repetition (also the true Vahi mask of time, and eventually the complete Vahi mask of time)

Weapon: The Mallet of Time

Bio: Toa Ageonis was once a proud member of the Toa Junak. However his brother Pahtor, his teams Toa of Stone, betrayed them to the Makuta forces so that Pahtor could gain a new elemental power.
Ageonis was indeed killed by the former Makuta Teridax’s secret shadow syndicate, the Kralgge Corps, along with his brothers and sisters. However his soul was saved by the mask of time (which managed to somehow mysteriously escape Voporak’s clutches and return) and his body was repaired one-hundred years after the fall of Makuta Teridax.
Now with a newly made body from various pieces throughout time, and wielding the Mask of Time, he has been tasked to stop the recently active Kralgge Corps from enecting the most terrible of acts upon the newly formed Spherus Magna, and the universe as a whole.
In order to achieve his task at hand, he must find the lost additonal powers of the Vahi mask itself in order to properly stop the Kralgge Corps.

Weapon: The Mallet of Time is a powerful warhammer that’s said to be able to hit one so hard that it throws them back one-thousand years into the past or future.

Mask: The Vu-Vahi is a low-powered version of the mask of time. The majority of its powerful takes time to continuously repair the body of Ageonis, so he usually deals with only using a fraction of the mask’s powers.
In this form the Vu-Vahi has the power of repetition, which allows the user to repeat the last ten seconds of any situation endlessly. This is a useful ability during a rather difficult situation of combat.

However, he is able to control the full power of the Kanohi when need be. The mask does revert to it’s classic look with its original abilities when this happens.

The Vu-Vahi’s second form is when the mask is at its absolute weakest form. This typically happens after Ageonis uses a massive energy-depleting attack. The mask resembles a beard-like look and won’t be able to be used by Ageonis for certain periods of time (solely depending on how massive the attack was used).

Additonal Pics:


Scraps is old discarded pieces, mostly from a destroyed Vahki from the ancient age of Metru-Nui, that Ageonis assembled into a new sentient being.
Unlike the Vahki of old, Scraps is capable of proper speech and a somewhat higher level of thinking. He’s also characteristically a smart-mouthed talker and his personality serves to complement Ageonis’ calm and sometimes silent demeanor.
Scraps uses twin energy blades that are enhanced by the mask of time to act as they would when they first came out of the factory many, many years ago. He can also shoot Thornax berries or Zamor Spheres.

Additonal Pics:

Notes: So I’ll be explaining more of this fan-made fake story idea in a future post but for now I think people will get the idea for the most part.

I’m sorry but currently I do not own the actual Vahi mask, I’m hoping to get one via bricklink or some other means but for now what I have to work with is what I got. I promise to show this MOC with the mask as soon as I get the mask.

I’m also looking into getting the 3d printed completed vahi mask (upper half on bottom half) as well.

Other things to note is that the translucent orange on the figure is to represent where the mask is healing the body of Ageonis. So that is why it’s mostly within the chest area because, story reasons, this is where he took the most damage.

Scraps was meant to be a mini representation of a Vahki. I also wanted to see if it’s possible to replace it’s disk launching mouth with something else and you absolutely can with a Thornax launcher.

His body was inspired by a body design I found on google, so I was inspired exclusively by that body design online. The arms are inspired by the Voya-toran as well because those sets truly showed off the jank look properly (in my opinion anyways). Other than that nothing else to say…

Hope you all enjoy this so far, I’ll be back with any updates or additions to the character sometime later. Until then…


For whatever reason I much prefer the little Vahki to the main guy. Love how even the mandibles are tiny.

The main dude’s got a rather dull design with really gappy legs, design choices which seem to restrict movement, a bland colour scheme and awkward proportions. There’s just nothing that interests me about him. There’s no personality at all.

But then on the other hand, little baby Vahki radiates with personality. He’s got his scrawny legs contrasted with his huge razor sword hands, making for some hilarious wacky proportions which just seem to fit him somehow; crazy amounts of articulation for such a small figure; a nice, compact, non-gappy design; even a function; he’s just got so much character and creativity packed into him. He’s adorable and I love it.

Even the way they’re posed is interesting. The big edgy guy’s just in standard ‘cool poses’, but then with the Vahki you can almost tell what he’s thinking. Okay, first picture is a standard action pose, but then on the second one he’s got his crazy blade things pointed up defensively, and then in the last one it just looks like he’s going off to hug someone.

I’m going to build him when I get the chance.

I got enough parts to put together two of them.

They’re even more adorable in hand. You can get so many poses out of them.

I did make a few modifications to them, mainly shortening the torso and bulking up the arms, but you may have also noticed this backpack assembly.

Well, if you unfold those parts and fold some other bits in, you get an approximation of the original Vahki spider mode.

Of course, you can clearly see the legs folded up in the back, but maybe it could be an abdomen or something?


I’m happy to see that one of the two inspired you. I’m not gonna lie I like this one the most as well even though Scraps only took a day to build and the other guy was a couple weeks-worth of choices and decisions haha.

I agree that the legs need more work, but the other stuff I should clarify on…

He’s actually quite maneuverable, especially in the legs. I forgot to also point out (since I did so in another post) that his mid-torso has that Exo-Toa ratchet joint which gives him unique poses as well. I should taken better pictures to show this off, sorry…

As for the bland colors, awkward porportions, and lack of personality? That’s actually the whole point of his character.

He is essentially an undead servant now, and his body was reforged from any discarded parts around him at the time. In short, these choices were intentional.

This is also why he made scraps, a character that is full of personality and wit. Scraps is essentially an extension of him as he once was when he was a living Toa of Fire. A version of him that will likely never return again. Scraps also acts as a friend in a time when his fellow Toa brothers and sisters have long since passed, and the only other “friend” was the one Toa that betrayed them all.

That being said: he does need more work and more time. I’m thinking of adding more silver and transparent orange to the color scheme. Especially the orange. And yes, I will find additional leg designs that best fit him.

These are cool recreations you’ve made. I especially like the additional spider legs that also neatly form a backpack. I think it’s cool that somebody can see something someone else made and come up with other ideas to utilize!

I may use this idea for scraps too if you don’t mind…

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I’m not talking about the waist joint, that’s actually quite good. It’s more the area where the legs attach to the torso. Because the ball joints are facing down, he won’t be able to move his legs up or out very far.

Also, Vahki horse ride.

Hmn… Well, mistakes were made. And things will take time to fix and alter haha.

I know this one is weird, but If you’ve seen my other MOC’s in this story concept idea it’s no surprise. I like to come up with bizarre ideas, throw them out there, and see what the random board masses think…

also, neat vahki horse ride idea!

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