My own bionicle reboot moc (mobr) for short: Makuta Teridax

How too:

Makuta Teridax is the leader of the Makuta species’ army. For a male Makuta, he is abnormally large. That is because his elemental experiments changed/mutated his body. Weilding the mask of shadows and with the power of all of the elements, He is a terrifying foe.
He also used to wield the mask of control, a mask that gave him the ability to not be manipulated and give him Slight mind warping abilities.
For more story details:My own bionicle reboot (mobr) for short: prologue - #7 by Invader39
Comments and criticism are appreciated.


There are too much colors in this moc…


These build doesn’t represent your age well, even if it’s intentionally simplistic.

Color distribution is all over the moc and doesn’t show much intimidation or vague similarity to Teridax, and this moc noticeably uses Ouna 2015 torso design.

Apology if my comment come abit harsh compared to my previous criticism, but nothing is worth to write home about.


Thanks for the criticism.
The colors are all over the place True.
But I do think it looks better with the mask of control.

Just try to choose two colors and use them This moc have four colors!

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It’s not as bad as it could be.

But it would be better.

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Really cool MOC! I wish Bionicle G2 had more titan sets like this. MAybe g3 will get more like this.


Thanks. While it is simple, which is kinda what I was going for, it also has some playability with the function and the change of masks. It also is fun to look at and pose.

Oh yeah, episode one is out: Mobr Episode 1: End and Rise

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There are too many colors here and the build is just a glorified 2015 onua build. Besides that its alright