My own take on Turaga Vakama

turaga vakama moment

Since I did my own take on Tahu, why not do the same with the wisest of Mata Nui’s six turaga? I unintentionally made him have a similar size to my Tahu Mata drawing. Now that I think about it, I’m imagining some sort of old visual novel Flash game that would use something like this and the Tahu Mata drawing…


Nicely simplified while maintaining the iconic look of his stature and nobility. With drawing him the same size as your Tahu, you could just rescale Vakama in an editing software to put them in the same image/scene. I think that would look pretty neat.

I’ve actually tried out something like that with the Tahu Mata drawing a while back. It was pretty simple however, and I used one of the backgrounds from MNOG1.