My rendition of the Toa Nuva Adaptive Armor

Hey all, I had been doing some messing around on the last couple of days and wanted to try my hand at what the Toa Nuva’s standard forms in their Adaptive Armor would look like in “set” form.

I created these using parts in existing colours, and I also used the 2008 parts (as bad as they are) just to keep in line with the time the first Adaptive Armor sets came out. They also use the Inika builds to keep with this theme too.

I toyed around with the idea of making their limbs the same builds and colours as their actual Adaptive Armor sets, but it didn’t look right, especially with Galva’s custom shoulder pad pieces.

Despite the original Toa Nuva sets from 2002 having quite a few build differences, they all looked very uniform, especially with the silver armour plates, and I kinda wanted to keep that here… only, with a little bit of a twist; instead of just having silver shoulder pads and chestplates, they also have silver torsos, silver thigh armour, silver legs and silver feet. Onua and Pohatu also keep their hunchback looks, with a slightly modified build, and Lewa and Pohatu also keep the clear faceshield piece from the Phantoka sets, just because I personally like it. Gali also gains the faceshield piece to make her Kaukau Nuva look like it could actually work as a water breathing mask.

Due to the limitations of, I have Lewa’s faceshield and Onua’s mask sitting off to the side because they don’t fit on the head like they should in the program itself. Due to real-world limitations, I wasn’t able to make Pohatu have more orange parts, so the only orange on him is in his mask. Designing weapons for these guys was a little bit of a mission too, so I decided to leave them out, especially with how picky I am about mixing '06 Pearl Light Gray and '02 Pearl Light Gray Flat Silver parts in a single build.

I know Greg also said that the Adaptive Armor can’t change colour, so all of the silver armour pieces on them, I can see relocating to other areas of their bodies to form things like Lewa’s Phantoka shoulder thrusters or Kopaka’s wings etc. But that’s just my headcanon.

For those unaware: the shoulder pads, chestplates and Kanohi were all designed by Galva_Bot and aren’t official pieces.

EDIT: Here’s a V2 that I made using the forearm, leg and armour pieces that the Mistika and Phantoka sets used. Tahu and Gali have also been given the alternate Piraka build I came up with.


These parts are great for sure but some more unique designs would be nice. Little confused about the Miru issues you are having too? Are you using Galva’s visor part? Cust that fits perfectly.
Their adaptive Pakari does clip slightly but it mostly fits.


I was using the visor part from the standard BioPack that has only official parts in it, so perhaps I should try Galva’s one. As for the Pakari clipping, it bugs me when it puts the model into a wireframe error during building, I know it would likely show up fine in the rendered images, but leaving it off was just a personal preference to stop the ghost parts/wireframe error thing.

I did also create a variant of this build using the Piraka torso piece and had thought about maybe making two of the four that are using the “standard” build in this image, use that variant instead, just to keep in line with official BIONICLE “clone set” builds. Maybe Gali and Tahu, since they used Piraka torsos in the Mistika sets anyway.

Thanks for the advice/criticism! :slight_smile:


It’s all good :slight_smile: I tend to turn collision detection off, the more you use and custom parts the more you will find that parts are not 100% accurate so they do cause some issues. There are lots of packs and parts out there though, I have about 45000 custom made parts my self haha. So would love to see more from you. Studio is a lot of fun.


I don’t suppose you have the KhingK pack do you? The only link to the KhingK pack I found was removed from the Google Drive of parts packs someone put together due to personal reasons or something, so I haven’t been able to get a hold of it. I also tried importing the 3D model files myself from Thingiverse and converting them into Studio-compatible files, but they always seem to turn into blobs lol.


UPDATE: I’ve added an image to my original post with a set of alternative builds I came up with and kinda like.


looks nice


Ooh these mocs are cool. Really makes them look like a team, nice job.


Man, Pohatu only gets his mask in his colour now.