My self M.O.C TAIO

Taio is the Toa of magma. he once lived in the city that was Mangi in the heart of the island of Mata Nui. but then Makuta attacked. he killed Taio’s people, and traped Taio in magma rock. and there Taio waited, for 1000 years, for someone… to find him.


wow, that’s cool :slight_smile:

Awsome but the Tyres are just strange on this set


  • Color Scheme is consistent
  • Like the body build
  • Tires look OK in certain places(Wrist), but terrible in others(Feet)
  • Don’t like the spike protruding from the back of the head; It would look more intimidating with out it.
  • The Tires on the feet seem to leave a small bit of red, which looks a little off
  • The thumbs’ color does not match its fingers

I would give it a 7/10.
It is an alright MOC, I like it.
Nice Job! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I really like it. I can imagine him building momentum and then using the Hau to create a shield under his feet to surf the magma. I like the tires, pretty unique. Could be obsidian or some other volcanic mineral.

Oh look I spotted the avatar reference ! GIVE ME A COOKIEEEE :rage:
He looks very interesting and cool.


He could use a couple of thumbs,but otherwise it’s a pretty cool MOC.

lookin good

Looks alright, though never been a fan of the use of wheels on MOC’s. To me the rubber nature of the tyres just doesn’t fit with the rest of the build

Seems both spellings are acceptable, either tyre or tire

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I think tires are alright in certain areas(i.e. Wrist and waist).

The tire is too big in the wrist,but great moc

I think he’s fabulous! You know what would make him more fabulous?! A Thumb!


Just one? :<

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But wait, I’ve just got a better idea!
To improve awesomeness twice as much…
Add TWO thumbs!!! Brilliant!!

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That’s mah boi

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Well, I’m very fond of the silver and red colour scheme. So you get 10 outta ten!

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I personally like the tires (but i guess that’ cuz i’m a transformers fanboy [NOT THE MOVIES]) but yea it’s a great moc, I just wish the pictures were a bit brighter.