My Self Moc: Ampere

Hello, my name is Fearhax, and I just wa my to show you my Bionicle self moc

He's quite large, standing at about 10 inches. Not much else to say but that he's been my self moc for a long time, ever since I got that Akaku Nuva. Tell me what I can do to improve him, I'll be posting another moc soon. Until then, see ya later!

Oh, and one small note, the lower leg design belongs to Callanlof of Youtube. Ok bye...



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Thank you.

Looks really nice. I like the build of the torso. Maybe add some armor on the upper legs?

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I love his torso design!

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I am low on peices right now, but maybe a few orders from brick link and I can fix that right up!

@Stoax It was a pain to incorporate those Mata feet in there but it was all worth it in the end.

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this is awesome !! , i really like how you mixed up normal lego bricks , bonicle

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I try'd to add.some variety to the build, other than ours Bionicle.

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he's nice and blocky

Is that good or bad?

Great job!

the fact that his shoulders are literal bricks is rather off putting given the fairly dymanic build, but it's not too bad.

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I'm not too fond of the upper arms, but the rest of the build looks pretty nice. I especially love the torso.

He has a lot of promise, and there's only a few things wrong with him. Firstly, the shoulders look a little blocky, maybe keep the System look and use smoother pieces. I'm not a fan of the asymmetric wrists either. Lastly, the upper legs are a little bare and the open ball sockets on the lower legs aren't appealing. That's really about it, it looks really good though!