My Self MOC: Deago


im looking for problems with this but i really cant find many other than the arm and leg, the custom hands are pretty well done, the build being simple works quite well, overall this is really good.

could you add a photo of the back with out the cape so we could see more of the build?

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You know, I was literally just thinking of Roy Mustang when I saw this… That said, does your MOC have anything to do with the character besides sharing the same name?

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i got the inspiration from roy mustang from fma broderhod and my favorit car is a ford mustang

i had to us my favorit trosers to make the cape

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…does he know flame alchemy?

And is he Colonial Sarcastic?


then get out of my face.

(Pretty neat stuff, I’d say the shaping and overall consistency could use some work, but its a good start.)

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ho is your favorit fmab character
min is bary the choper and roy mustang


Prolly Edward and Mustang, with Bradley as a close third.

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ok i hate wen de litle green thing comits suisaid

I thought it was a fitting end to his character arc.

Anyway, we’re getting off topic and into spoilers.

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I finished FMA:B a while ago.

Anyway, we have a FMA topic to continue the discussion in, leave this topic to discuss your MOC in.

the hardest part was making the torso and the robotick arm and leg

With the name, i was fully expecting a Fullmetal Alchemist MOC.

that aside, the way the front of the torso is made doesn’t look that great, especially from the side.

maybe have the upper chest stick out farther than the gut?

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pleas do that for my but how do i edit my post

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i am working on an v2
of deago

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The moc is decent but it would have been better with more keetorange

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im working on an version two and am really happy whit my progres

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Glad to hear that :wink:
I can’t wait to see it

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