My Self-MOC finally

So I’ve been procrastinating my self-MOC for about a year I’d say, so I decided to finally post it.
Unfortunately, I looked at it and decided it wasn’t good at all, so I started to update it. Then kept updating it, then decided I didn’t like it at all, then watched lots of Gurren Lagann. One thing just led to another, and now I have an entirely new self-MOC.
So ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to announce;
Master Bone
(name subject to change)

And the standard shots

And the skeleton of the skeleton.


That. Is. Sick!!!

Expertly crafted, fits right at home among some other skeletons.

I love silly poses.

Also I think the transpurple sticks out a little too much.

Very nice, one of the better skeleton themed MOCs I’ve seen.

Every @Looch has an equal and opposite WOTW. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is really cool! The textures are pretty great, giving it a smooth appearance, but whenever I see the Kamina Shades, all I can think of is Looch. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great work! :smiley:

I couldn’t help it, they’re just too cool.

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Yes. Yes they are. :stuck_out_tongue:

very nice, not sure if the trans purple works tho…

The hips look a bit too wide, but other than that the MOC looks awesome and so does your photography!

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Dem shades tho!

With so many ball joints, his posability must be out the wazoo, and it shows. I agree that it’s easily one of the best skeleton MOCs out here. Could use a little more purple, though, just to make the color more than just an odd accent.

I had them for a total of one day.
Rest in peace, triangle shades…


fantastic shades

Looks really interesting.

The shoulders could be broadened by one stud, probably, but even without it looks amazing! Great job!

Ya got more of a Kamina complex than @Ghosty!/s

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except for the lack of purple elsewhere, it looks great!

This is really nice. The upper legs look a little clunky compared to the rest of the MOC, but the custom torso is great.