My self moc: maiku (update)

a way better looking version of my self moc; maiku.

As you can see, compared to my old version I added more neon green parts to him, added Mata red to upper arms, made dark green hand into a neon green Toa hand piece, (yes i know it's the infamous 2008 hand piece. it hasn't broke yet lel) added a solid black heel instead of silver heel, and added the remnants of a metal captivity collar, from when he was a captured Kikanalo before the kutenga war.

oh, as a liiitle extra, the first matoran maiku ever met, and who took care of maiku for a while. His name is pentek, matoran of stone.

(pentek persuading Maiku to come with him)

Pentek was a carver in Taipu City. After the war, he decided to go to
Haumaru City to start a new life. During the trip, he encountered a Mutated Rahi, staggering and weak. Pentek decided to help him out, by bringing him with to Haumaru City.


This MOC has an interesting silhouette, but I feel it could be better.

The back armoring, while creative, especially since you're utilizing the HF 1.0 body, is messy and clashes with everything else. It could work perhaps, if you flipped the bottom one to face the same way as the top one.

The limbs aren't anything particularly amazing, and I don't know how I feel about having two shades of green with the red. If I were you, I'd get some lime green shells and replace the Metru green ones.

Also, the greebels on the lower legs should be replaced with some armor. Right now they look thrown on and out of place. The feet are okay.

Front of the torso isn't too bad. I have my qualms about the HF 1.0 torso, though, so if you could ever branch out to a custom one that would be good too. But I think you did a fairly good job with what you had.

Needs some work, but fair start!


looks like a Christmas tree