My Self-MOC: Nekkran Lord of Nothing

This is my fierce ,sarcastic and comedic bionicle selfmoc.
He was once a regular something…, until one day when he thought he could do more. He traveled across all the islands in the matoran universe. Along his travels he got injured and had to replace his right arm with a new one and he thought, “maybe I could use a weapon”, so he attached a sword to his new arm instead of a hand


It’s either the build or the lighting but I can barely make out any details on him. But from what I can see he looks decent enough. One question; what are those black/dark grey wheels or whatever on his body? Compared to whatever those are his chest looks way too sunken in.
And this is just personal but on his missing arm I’d make it silver so it looks mechanical and fake.

All in all its good but work on some of the details and your lighting/picture taking so people could see easier. My advice; Always make sure it’s really bright when taking pictures of black or darker creations. You saw that problem on Nakashi v2.

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I can’t see him too well, you should take better pictures with more light.

Thanks for giving your opinions. I will try to think about tha t in the future.

Here is an upgrade!

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Looks better but is there a reason you’re using a flashlight? I looks kinda odd with some of the white parts almost being blinding
If I may I just tun on my room light and with my clear dresser it seems to work well enough. I’ve found spotlights just look kind of odd on some parts of a moc

But the build seems a lot better now. My only problem would be the sword. It’s seems a little too long to be his hand. I’d recommend doing something like on Kaosa; decreasing the size so it looked better in scale with the figure.

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Nice sock, m80.


Thx m8