My Self-Moc Pyren, Update topic

So guys. I've been getting a lot of comments on my recent Self-Moc Topic, and I have changed My self-Moc a little to the tips you had given me.

So let me know what you think. Tips are always welcome!


Well, i would like to see that weapon on his arm.


Looks pretty good. Quite the bulky one. Although I don't think the angular nature of the pistons on his torso works with the styling of the rest of him.

@Sidorak here are some pictures of Pyren holding his weapon.

This weapon was given to him by Ignika himself. He wields it like a one-hander, but it is meant to be a two-hander.

@Hawkflight I know, but it is armor though and it is not a big problem for me.


I'd call that an improvement. I actually really like the look of the pistons, and that sword! but I have to point out that the empty + connectors on the shield look odd, not bad per-say, but distracting.


and call me crazy, but our toa self-mocs(well the prototype of mine anyway) look almost like they're part of the same team,

-large silver shoulder pauldrons
-silver thigh armour
-about the same physique

granted mine is more of an oddball visually than yours, what with the white and orange, and yours currently has hands(mine will in the final version[and was going to have them in the prototype but I could only find one of the bloody things]) but the similarities are there.

Honestly I can't find any problems with it, Except for the legs which are a bit thin compared to the rest of the body.

Initial reaction: WATTTTT?!?! Stormy is saying that something is pretty good BEFORE critiquing the living daylights out of it?!?!

Secondary reaction: Oh. That explains everything.

Definitely an upgrade. Glad to see those balljoints on his legs covered up =P


Well done. I like the color consistency.

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