My self-MOC: Slazer Soldier

I am a new moc making person (what would you call that?) and here is my self moc. He is Kebs, a slazer soldier on Slazzik.

<img src="/uploads/db5640/original/3X/0/f/0ff2c5f9c6058ae4f2ba85487a0c881e7f1c072e.JPG" width


A Moccist

That Moc’s pretty cool n’ cute

I call em MOCers


@Rockho Thanks for the compliment

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No, I see them everyday. Schools in particular, which I despise going to to. Neato New 3ds though, I need one

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wowa nice job with this thing

3ds / 10

Feels a bit derpy. Not very fond of the head.

Yeah. I have to update the back.

I kind of like the head. It certainly is a good use of the first hf foot

Wrong part. HF foot is MUCH thicker.
It’s the armor/clip addon from HF 3.0

I like the use of parts, but I feel like the custom built parts could be executed a little better. I like the custom, non-humanoid head. Good job so far.

I just updated the back: