My self moc The Blind Watcher Darth.Ben.Ben humanoid form

Any way here is my self moc The Blind Watcher Darth.Ben.Ben... In his humanoid form. I decided to make a simply self moc for now. And since his a shape shifter anyway so what harm could come from making a simply version of him.
By the way he is supposed to have those gaps in his chest. I felt it made him look hollow and lifeless.


I really like how you used the krika heads


This is pretty creative! It's overall appearance is nothing I've ever really seen before which is a plus in my book.

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@gerix2799 Thanks when I go to make his kaiju form I will probably try and use that piece as wings and shoulder pads.

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he's cool I guess. Legs aren't the best but everything else's dandy

I'll be working on the legs when I'm able to get more parts. Then I'll start working on his final form, but that well be a while.

Huh thought their would be a lot more complaints about his colour scheme.

Welcome to the miru wearing self Mocs with "watcher" in the name club. I like this moc- it has a unique posture and definetly looks spooky.

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nice ! i really like how you have used the heads and i think the colour scheme is cool

I like it. Very simple, but for a shape-shifter's basic form, perfect. This is the definition of "Simple, Yet Elegant."