My self moc toa auzool

this is by far my most complex moc ever please tell me how much more technic should i use?

here he is striped of armor


overall really good man, I find it quite groovy. The one complaint I have with it, is the upper leg areas.

I really like that torso by way.

you have a thing for long arms

also eeuugghhh the torso doesn’t mesh well!

Like, the design is there, but in general the torso is cluttered and, while functional, does not look great on him.

I also thing his weapon needs sprucing up

otherwise he’s… fairly decent

like, I’m ok with the Nuvaboobs but

the guy’s torso, or atleast the armor on there, just doesn’t work


The chest could be better, I recommend adding a little more to the center.
Looks decent so far.


first of all i do like long arms second of all he is a dude and those nova parts are mucsals for bulk last of all thanks for the support :grinning:

I think this needs a reworking. The concept’s alright, but some parts on him seem too cobbled together to work.

The triple axle pieces on the shoulders look a bit weird

The torso is really cool. :smile:

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