My self moc toa of shadows valik

This is my self moc the concept of him is that he is an animalistic being what with his chimera legs and the visorahk head on his shoulder and the color scheme is custom made by yours truly

Update: repainted him and removed the cloth and certain pieces from his design so he doesn’t look like he was slapped together now

Concept: see this guy as much as he may appear to be a villain he’s actually one of the the main Heros in a story I’m working on and I made him look like a beast for that reason cuz not all hero’s would loom grand and heroic


Some better pictures would be much appreciated.


From what I can see, the white sticks out alot.

Its meant too stick out and sorry for the poor quality

I like the metallic gold pieces a lot and the color scheme is consistent
From what I can see this looks cool

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Thank you my goal was to give him a sort of knight look but have it as a fantasy style where the armor is sort of light

That’s a lotta gold…

Indeed it is the place he’s from is known for having a large gold mine

Not sure what I’m looking at, but it looks awesome.

Thank you

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I see a lot of heresy,
to be honest that’s about all I can see, the pictures look like a 144p YouTube video. I don’t mean to be rude, but it’s nearly impossible to see the moc.

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I mean honestly it looks pretty freakin cool. But did you take the photos with a potato?

It looks pretty cool from what I can tell.
The main thing that bothers me apart from the white is the amount of painted parts.
It’s just so much heresy.

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How did you take these photos?

I like this guy, he looks really cool. I especially like the white parts of the arm, like it’s a prosthetic or something. But what is that cloth thing on his back?

Also, I know people have said/asked this before but, what did you take these pictures with?

Being big for the sake of being big is not always good. I’m really questioning these design choices first of all. I do understand the complexity in the skeleton here but the armor is pretty slapped on. While I do understand consistent textures and how hard they are to apply on larger scale mocs, it could be better. I know the solution can’t be resolved fully but a little bit more flow with the moc would really help it out.

I also think the proportions could use some work but that’s 'bout it. Not far from being really can’t and while the critique here to some extent is nitpicking, I applaud you for the size of the moc, because I would have quite a tough time building something in this size myself.


Actually surprisingly he’s not that big he stands under two feet but he is actually fairly small also the way the armor is put on it was hard to do because the armor in some areas can move around as for his proportions I wanted then to be bulky but not hulk size bulk like his left arm how its bulkier then the right that’s cuz its supposed to be much more armored like a dragon age mage or berserk character his legs aren’t really to thin they’re actually pretty bulky but there is room for improvement

PS he’s also not actually big for the sake of being big just made him big over time

ok then


I fixed the pictures and the white is supposed to represent his skin the gold arm is the prosthetic and the cloth is supposed to be like a hood not in use

@DannyBoyy Last I measured he was 1ft 6inchs

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Dang, that’s some prosthetic.