My Self-MOC: Voku, Uniter of Air

So, around New Year's, I bought the "Lewa, Uniter of Jungle" set. I decided that he did not meet expectations, and so I grabbed my 2015 Lewa and Protector of Jungle and decided to "fix" him.

But now that he's finished, I don't think I'll give Lego the credit by calling him "Titan Lewa" or "Gundam Lewa" or what have you. I present...

Toa Kovu, Master of the Skies!

Name: Kovu

Gender: Male

Element: Air

Weapons: Broadsword of the Wind, Golden Zamor Launcher

Personality: Very shy, but often skeptical of goings-on about him. He thinks all animals are the cutest, even Skull Spiders... which usually gets him into sticky situations. Somewhat insecure about his Toa form, hopes that the other Toa will approve of him.

Some parts pictures:

Credit to the Lego Group for the original Lewa design!

  • FatCat23476

Well I'd say it's an ok revamp, but not much has changed on the torso and it looks rather simple on the arms, the sword is pretty much the Kopaka sword.

The legs seem interesting but hey look a bit cluttered, it would be easier to judge if more pics on those were posted.

Overall I think it's mehish, but not too bad.


Actually, I'm kind of embarassed about the legs. They look stocky from the front, but from any other angle they become gappy and constricting to movement. So, yeah... heh. :sweat_smile:

@White_Rainbow Alright, here we go. I got some pics, and this is what the legs are, basically.

Okay, so they're out of order. But I think this gives a good idea of what's behind the admittedly Gundam-inspired legs.


Eh... Well like I said they look really cluttered, and from the side they leave a huuuuge gap.

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I think I was the one who said there's a gap... :sweat_smile:

If you have any ideas on how to close the gap, I'd be quite glad to follow them. This open space is a true annoyance to me.

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Dem legs could use some real work.
But other then that I find this MOC pretty groovy man.

I actually think you succeed in that.
For the most part anyway.

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Thanks brah!
When I first finished him, my thoughts were,
"Well, they complained about the first Lewa's shoulder pads restricting head movement... and then they fixed that... and now I added them back in... Eh."

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Nice to see a custom revamp. Lego, take some notes.


The lower legs seem pretty cluttered , but overall it is an okay moc

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The legs look quite awesome from the front TBH.

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@Yveran If only Lego would release this sort of "Titan" line for all the G2 Toa...

@tak210 Thank you sir! Again I say, think "Giant Anime Mecha Toa of Jungle" and you'll know what was floating about in my head as I hummed the SAO theme song and built what would later be Kovu.

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The only problem I have with it is the legs but you already pointed that out. Other than that it's well built and it looks great.

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The legs aren't good. Try turning he rod connector in the middle of the legs 90 degrees so you can fill it in from there. Other than that, it's just what you entailed, a stocky upgraded Lewa.


Great moc man and to fix the legs you can use the pinhole that is in the bone of the lower legs

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@Vicroen @SwagMeister

Got it. I'll post my upgrades l8er m9s!

pretty cool moc, I think I agree with almost everyone else here in saying the legs could be covered up more :smile: