My self moc Xiohnis The Exiled Skrall

My selfmoc Xiohnis the Exiled Skrall/ Toa of Nothing

Quick back story: Xiohnis was a Skrall warrior but unlike his comrades he didn't feel right stealing from helpless agori or any other crimes the army committed so he made a plan to sneak out of the fortress late at night and find a more peaceful life but guards spotted him and engaged him in combat he got away but at the lost of his left arm. After the battle examining his cut he was terrified at what he saw wires and gears and oil. not blood or torn flesh. than his memories flooded his mind he was a TOA he had ran when told his destiny was to fight evil if needed he had fled like a weak child! He had to right his wrong he had to fulfil his destiny and go back to the great beings. When he got their a matoran worker guided him onto a huge robot.
After that he traveled from city to village to help defend the matoran from evil. The only thing he could never remember from his past was what element he controlled. A name for him quickly spread across the land The Toa of Nothing! But when he was called by this name he always corrected them. "I am The Exiled Skrall!"

So that's my selfmocs story its a little rough right now but its still a W.I.P.
But back to the moc itself!

Here he is! "with his weapon the Ice arm which gives the wielder a loose control over ice"
I am really proud of this guy he is probably my favorite and best moc!

Here he is without his arm.

Here he is with his Energized Prododermis blaster (It launches energized protdermis filled spheres I know that's op so firing it knocks him out cold for 30 seconds)

He can store his spheres on his back.

So bye Thanks fore looking at my moc! please leave constructive criticism!


That's an interesting idea for a MOC. ^^
I think the light-grey pieces stick out a little bit too much, I think you should replace them with something that's darker.


Yeah. Thanks for the advice it's appreciated!

he's awfully... upright, for a skrall, but as a toa, I like it.

also I have to point out that the ice arm looks like a palm from kid icarus uprising


Thx. I guess that he probably acquired armor over the years of being a toa and started standing more strait. But yeah he stands to strait to be a skrall. thanks for the comment!

The blurry pics make it hard to really judge it.

Yeah. sadly I cant find my tripod atm but if I find it soon I will try to take some better pictures.