My self MOC?

Since I'm bad at MOCing (see monsterpiece or don't, that's a horrible MOC)
I used Gali build to make her. I just switched some of her pieces and turned her into this C:.

TBH I kinda like her (except for the obvious fact that she has a Gali build ;_;). I love the new Kaukau so I kept it. I also love her weapons (one is used for stabbing while the other for slashing and parrying) <3.
As for her backstory she's like a bounty hunter/ ex toa. She's like Geralt from The Witcher series (not like him personality wise). Her toa team disbanded after they defeated a huge threat to the Spherus magna (long time after matoran settled on it) and she decided to pursue other smaller threats sometimes for a bounty.
Sadly I haven't named her yet. If you have cool name suggestions pls let me know dolphin


I feel the claw things on her loer arms seem.. odd. Along with that fur on her thights. Otherwise nice reuse of Gali

also naming suggestions? You could try puns or something?

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Well I wanted to give her that bounty hunter look. They have random pieces of different stuff on their clothes like trophies.
Also thanks smiley
With puns could you show me an example ?

hm.... changing around your name spelling. Or base it off something Droplet changed into Drolept, or something along those lines

or you could choose some other term like 'H-Tuo', Liquidus, Hydras or something. Your moc though I'm just listing suggestions


Nao could be a name you could use

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You should try and make a custom torso.


Not bad, but the paw pieces on her arms look a little bizarre.
As for a name, the matoran word for water droplets is "Gahi".


Not bad, I like it! Although, the lower legs are a bit sparse. Do you still have the wide armor from gali's lower legs? I think that would help a lot. As far as the name goes, how about:

1) Valsa

2) Saida

3) Mei-Mei

4) Droplet~Chan!

5) Drippy

6) Reku

7) Dokuha

8) Mahkali

... I'm not good with names ...


I would swap around some parts.

put the fur on the shoulders, facing down,
turn the shins to the front,
swap those spikes on the shins for the new addons facing upwards forming kneepads,
or alternatively, do the same but swap the addons(new & fur), which would help balance the colours,
move the arm spikes to the gauntlets if you want to keep them
if you're going to use the gearbox anyway, at least use it as a gearbox.

the wrist blades look awkward to me.

do you have some other colors to try out as secondaries? it would make her look a lot less like gali.

those gauntlets reminded me of something.


UPDATE: I'm rebuilding her. I'll give her a custom torso (my first custom torso <3).
As for her name... Does Meridine sound good ?


idk, sounds a little too 'human-y' to me.

cry I know...
What about Kathedi (I'm sitting for days trying to figure out a name for her) ?