My selfmoc Shadow V5 (?) Note: Not final version. Next version is coming soon

Hello once again my fellow Bionicle fans! I’m back and here I have a update of my selfmoc for you all to enjoy (new area for pictures too :smiley:)
In this update I wanted to give him more of a Sci-fi Futuristic dystopian look. I think i pulled it off pretty good, but I’m notexactly happy with the body design. everything else is fine.

full body

Gun pose (yeet)

Here he is with all his accessories laid out

So from left to right we have
His helmet (destiny/warframe inspired), The m-23 caliber 4 shotgun capable of blasting holes in tanks, A small common blaster, and the heavy duty Reqium Ravager (a blaster capable of blasting holes through almost anything).

Here’s a Close up of his body

Yes I know there are gaps, and I intend to fix those in his next version.

Anyway, that’s all. Hope you enjoyed. Please leave feedback for me so I can know where I need improvement. K peace. Oh and before I go, can someone help me out with designing this guy’s new torso? Because the current one is my worst nightmare.


Removed unnecessary things from Title

I think the arms are a bit too short, or the torso too long. But I love the custom mask.


Thanks for the feedback. I will most definitely be redoing the body design. and, I may make more mocs that are in the Sci-fi look along side him.

Very Nice custom mask and good moc.

Thanks. Although I already rolled out the new update for him (I’ll post the new update later today)

The custom mask is great, and fits perfectly with the rest of the MOC.